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Environmental Management Systems Scope

The scope of the EMS activities is in keeping with the scope of Secure’s business in the design and manufacture of electronic/electro-mechanical switching controls and metering devices for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use.

Waste, in all its forms including: energy, water, gas as well as being in a physical form will be considered under the EMS umbrella with a view towards continual improvement. The waste hierarchy will be reviewed with regard to being reduced, re-used or recycled before disposal in a responsible manner.
Secure Meters (UK) Limited is committed to considering the environment as an integral part of its business strategy and incorporates this policy as part of business planning.
The Management of this strategy will be defined and implemented by compliance to International Standard ‘Environmental Management Systems’, ISO 14001, together with any additional requirements contained within International Standard: ISO 45001.
The company will maintain an effective management structure to ensure full compliance with specific National, European and International legislation on environmental issues with specific reference to:

  • Atmospheric emissions
  • Effluent discharge
  • Disposal of waste, recycling of waste material

The Company shall maintain an effective Management structure to ensure that none of the products or materials we supply contains hazardous or potentially hazardous materials. We will be pro-active in preventing pollution through regular monitoring and continual improvement.


Kevin Milverton

Title: Head of Operations, Bristol

Date: 21/01/20