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Highly popular and widely used, the Electronic 7 immersion heater control features a contemporary look with an easy to read, large back lit display. 

The Electronic 7 is compatible with most cheap rate or off peak tariff arrangements and is fully compatible with all past and present Horstmann Economy 7 controllers.   Additional off peak settings are available to take advantage of the latest off peak tariff arrangements.                       

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • For use with cheap rate overnight tariffs such as Economy 7 or similar to provide a tank full of hot water each morning.
    • Fully interchangeable with earlier versions using plug-in connectors
      • No need to change the wall mounting box 
    • Up to three secure off-peak heating periods every 24 hours
      • Can be set to accommodate utility tariffs that offer cheaper electricity periods during the day time 
    • Automatic GMT / BST time change clock
      • No clock to reset at Summer and Winter time changes 
    • Long life battery maintains the clock, display and switch time settings throughout the life of the control
      • No loss of settings during power outages 
    • ‘Boost’ button  
      • Ideal for one hour top up without changing the set programme 
    • Timed boost programme
      • ‘Boost’ element (in the tank) can be programmed so that it will heat only a small part of your tank at a set time each day 
    • Optional programme security feature
      • A security pin code can be set up to stop unauthorised adjustments in rented accommodation 
    • Single incoming supply
      • Requires a single 24 hour mains supply on an Economy 7 tariff or similar