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The Horstmann family of ThermoPlus programmable room thermostats set a new standard in their ease and simplicity of use. 

The ‘stats - which are suited to both new build installations or replacement of older style electro-mechanical thermostats - will find a range of applications in areas such as local authority housing, housing associations and social housing. 

The ThermoPlus is designed for ease of use, offering the user a clear display, colour coded warm or cool indicator and large buttons for make simple adjustments.

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
  • ThermoPlus can be used with most types of heating system where a simple user interface is beneficial, such as for the elderly and vulnerable.

    • Control of most domestic gas or oil-powered central heating systems
    • Control of additional heating zones
    • Combination ('combi') boilers
    • Control of solid-fuel heating systems
    • Replacement of existing thermostats
    • 5 pre-installed profiles
      • The installer can easily select the preferred programme most suitable for the householder 
    • Features colour coded, bright LED warm / cool display and Braille markings on the main override buttons
      • Unique user interface designed for simplicity and ease of use
      • Audible feedback from each button press 
    • Automatic GMT / BST time change
      • No need to adjust clock for summer and winter time changes 
    • Frost protection
      • Standby setting maintains frost protection at a minimum of 5C

    ThermoPlus AS2-RF
    The ThermoPlus AS2-RF is an intelligent wireless programmable thermostat, which transmits control signals to an RF receiver unit via Z-wave mesh radio technology. The ThermoPlus range was designed following research showing the difficulties visually or dextrally impaired people have whilst using heating controls, it is easy to install and easy to use.

    • Colour coded, bright LED Warm/ Cool display and Braille markings on the main override buttons
    • Audible and tactile feedback
    • Preset clock with battery back-up

    ThermoPlus AS1
    Mains powered thermostat that does not need any batteries

    • Factory pre-set heating profiles and pre-set clock with battery back up
    • Audible and tactile feedback 

    ThermoPlus AS2

    Battery-operated thermostat that can easily replace an existing thermostat

    • Three standard AA batteries with at least a 2 year battery life
    • Separate clock power back up 

    ThermoPlus PRT1
    Specially designed for vulnerable and older users.

    • Mains powered
    • Features 15°C cool setting to provide hypothermia protection



    Mains Powered

    Battery Powered


    LED Display


    Fixed Hypothermia Setting

    ThermoPlus AS1




    ThermoPlus AS2




    ThermoPlus AS2-RF



    ThermoPlus PRT1