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CentaurPlus Series 2


Competitively priced electronic time switches and programmers with backlit display, automatic BST/GMT clock change and 6 pin ‘standard’ wall plate.

All models feature an industry-standard six pin backplate which permits easy replacement / upgrades with the C17 control being suited for use with combi boilers and the C27 version for non-combi boiler installations where a hot water cylinder is in use. CentaurPlus can be a straightforward plug-in replacement for many other manufacturers’ models.

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • Control of most domestic gas or oil-fired central heating and hot water systems.
    • Combination ('combi') boiler systems
    • Stored hot water systems
    • Solid-fuel systems
    • Additional zone control

    • Simple to use
      • Reduced callbacks
      • Greater energy savings
    • 3 Amp rated
      • Suitable for most types of wet domestic central heating systems
    • Voltage free contacts
      • Single circuit models are volt free and suitable for the control of combi boilers.  
    • Easy plug-in replacement of any programmers that use a standard six terminal wall plate
      • Many other manufacturers models utilise a standard six-pin backplate and so can be replaced without any additional wiring 
    • Single and two-channel models with 24 hour and 7-day options single and two-channel versions available with 7-day weekly programming or simple 24-hour programming
      • Up to 3 On / Off periods per channel in each 24-hour operation 
    • Hot water boost and central heating advance C27: 1-hour boost on HW and advance on Heating
      • C17: Single circuit 1-hour boost and advance 
    • Independent timing of hot water and heating
      • On two-channel models the hot water can be set to switch on at different times to the heating.  
    • GMT / BST automatic clock
      • No need to adjust the clock when the time changes to BST or GMT 
    • Backlit display
      • Easy to read bright backlit display  
    • Mains powered with battery back up
      • Reserve battery maintains the programme settings during power outages