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ChannelPlus XL


Top of the range multi-channel programmers and timeswitches with interactive back lit displays and simple menu driven programming.

Models range from single channel timeswitches for use with combi boilers, two channel conventional programmers for hot water and heating and 3 and 4 channel multi- zone programmers for the control of multiple heating zones. 

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • Time control of most domestic gas or oil-fired central heating systems
    • Combi boilers
    • Stored HW systems
    • Underfloor heating systems
    • Zone Control – time control of multiple heating zones
    • Single, Two, Three or Four-channel versions 
      • Single-channel models are suitable for the control of combi boilers or the control over an additional heating zone.
      • Two-channel models control hot water and heating in stored hot water systems
      • Three-channel models provide zone control over hot water and living and sleeping areas.
      • Four-channel models can be used where an additional zone is required for master control of underfloor heating or a separate zone for an office area. 
    • Large, easy to follow LCD displays, give clear programme information
      • Interactive display responds to each press of a button showing action taken. 
    • 24 hour or 7-day programming 
      • Single and two-channel versions available with 7-day weekly programming or simple 24-hour programming
      • Multi-channel versions have full 7-day programming allowing different times to be set for different days of the week.
      • Up to 3 On / Off periods per channel in each 24-hour operation 
    • Programmable holiday setting can be set in advance of departure for any period of time 
      • No need to come home to a cold house. Holiday leaving and return dates can be pre-programmed  
    • 1 or 2-hour boost and advance on each channel
      • Any channel can have a one or two-hour boost at the touch of a button or the advance control allows early switch on or off without the need to change any permanent settings. 
    • Mains powered with battery back up
      • Reserve battery maintains the programme settings during power outages
    • 3 Amp changeover contacts
      • Suitable for use with most domestic heating systems
      • Volt free contacts on all single and two-channel models 
    • 5-year parts guarantee 
      • Peace of mind
      • Reflects high-quality product range


    Single Channel

    Two Channel

    Three Channel

    Four Channel

    24 Hour

    7 Day

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