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C-Stat is an electronic programmable thermostat that combines time and temperature control in a completely new design with particular attention paid to the styling and the user interface which features easy to use menu driven programming and a clear, 70mm blue backlit display. 

The 3-model range offers standard battery and mains powered units in addition to a wireless version - the C-Stat ZW - which is battery powered and has wireless connectivity using proven Z-Wave technology to communicate with its receiver.  All three versions feature models with 7 day programming with up to six temperature settings per day.  The mains powered version has a battery back up to preserve settings.

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • Control of most domestic gas or oil-powered central heating systems
    • Control of additional heating zones
    • Combination ('combi') boilers
    • Control of solid-fuel heating systems
    • Replacement of existing thermostats
    • Mains, battery and wireless models
      • Mains power for new installations or where no batteries are required
      • Battery power for replacing an existing thermostat (two wire connection)
      • Wireless for adding a room stat to an existing installation (battery powered thermostat and mains powered receiver) with no unsightly cable runs or disruption to the decor. 
    • Load compensation software
      • Boiler Plus compliant
      • Minimal boiler cycling and reduced flow temperatures 
    • Temperature range adjustable between 5°C and 30°C
      • Adjustable between 5°C and 30°C, the C-Stat is designed for use with domestic heating systems.
      • Simple 7 day programming where each day can be set independently of the next 
    • Automatic BST/GMT time adjustment
      • No manual clock re-setting 
    • Z-Wave wireless communication
      • Wireless models use the latest Z-Wave interoperable wireless technology ensuring reliable communication between thermostat and receiver 
    • Voltage free contacts
      • All models have voltage free contacts making them ideal for use with combi boilers 
    • Menu Driven programming
      • Programming made simple by following prompts on the display screen 

    Options include:-

    • Time and temperature settings
    • Holiday programme
    • Optimum start
    • Tamperproof security code
    • Upper and lower temperature limits
    • Frost protection


    7 Day

    2 Wire Connection

    Battery Powered

    Mains Powered


    C-Stat 17-B



    C-Stat 17-M




    C-Stat 17-ZW