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Wireless controls




The HRT4-ZW is designed to be easy to install in combination with an ASR-ZW receiver to provide excellent control of room temperature.  It is particularly useful for installing a room thermostat into existing systems as no cable runs are needed.

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • New installations
    • Replacement of old or inefficient thermostats 
    • System upgrades to add a room thermostat
    • Frost protection
    • Multi occupancy buildings
    • Control of most domestic gas or oil-powered central heating systems
    • Control of additional heating zones
    • Combination ('combi') boilers
    • Control of solid-fuel heating systems
    • Load compensation software
    • Minimal boiler cycling and reduced flow temperatures
    • Compatible with most heating systems
    • Proven Z-Wave wireless technology
    • Features a constant RF status display with its receiver being mains powered with volt free contacts
    • Uses 2 AA batteries
    • Battery life in excess of two years
    • Easy to install and use